Examples of Commonly Recorded Documents

4/21/2004 12:14:31 PM

 Affidavits, various types

 Military Discharge

 Affidavits of Equitable Interest

 Mortgage - Including Joint Mortgages

 Assignment of Mortgage

 Mortgage Subordination

 Assignment of Rents and Leases

 Mortgage Modification

 Court Records - Only select few

 Oil and Gas Lease

 Death Certificate


 Deeds - Including

 Power of Attorney

    Warranty Deed

 Quarterly Truck Registration Lien

    Quit Claim Deed

          aka Fleet Lien

    Transfer on Death Deed

 Release of Federal Tax Lien

    Trustee's Deed

 Release of Kansas State Tax Lien

    Executor's Deed

 Release of Mortgage

    Administrator's Deed 

 Subordination Agreement

    Dedication Deed

 UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)

    Director's Deed



    Amendment - to include

 Federal Tax Lien

    Termination and

 Kansas State Tax Lien